Distancing, 2019

Materials Wood, PETG, DC Motors, Aluminum shafts, micro switch, LIDAR sensor, MCU
<Distancing> is the first project of ‘machine fable’ that demonstrates the relationship of independently moving objects on the rail, that share a single power source from the device.
Can each gantry move until its battery is dead under the imprinted logic and circumstance?
Will it break down on the seemingly inescapable rail?

A preceding device amongst two devices on the rail is linked additionally to load objects. Batteries stored in this part supplies power to both devices at the same time, the latter device is equipped with a cable connector for convenient removal. It constantly moves forward at an independent and random speed, LIDAR sensor installed in the power source allows the approach of the latter device towards the former device which promotes the speed boost; approximately 30mm is allowed. If an interval created from the random digits doesn’t maintain the constant distance, it is unknown when, but the cable is eventually disassembled from the following device and it will put a stop to the movement. On a circular rail, the device loaded with battery leads the limit switch, which executes as a self-stop, to inevitably reach a priorly stopped follower.

Conditions on each state of the above gantry

1. All gantry move at a random velocity to a random distance.

2. If the latter device is in the proximity of 30mm to the former device, it moves at the fastest speed with a constant distance.

3. A former gantry shuts off the power when the limit switch is pressed.
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