Parametric Terrain, 2018
Materials Kinect v2, Projector, Computer
Exhibition Algorithm Society : The Birth of Machine-God, Gwangju Media Art Festival 2018, Complex 2 & Media Wall, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea (2018. 11. 29. - 2018. 12. 7.)
Collaborator Hyerin Yun
<Parametric Terrain> began with the question of where the starting point of the change occurred. The beginning of the change may be someone’s actions, or simply a series of random numbers. The person who created the algorithm of the computer that formed the random numbers already plays the role of an additional generator for this act. Therefore, based on the experience of acting as a tool, the user in the illusionary relationship, who views himself as a real user, is given the question of what the subject and object are and the process of interaction with the audience itself through the narrative of the work.In addition, the interaction with the audience acts as part of the algorithm with which the computer generates the type of terrain by visualizing hilly terrain through the algorithms on a polygon based on variables that are manipulated and transformed by the audience. Also, a series of processes that involve the audience’s subjective behavior as part of a passive machine inquire as to how narrow the gap between the provider and the user of the data actually is.
<Parametric Terrain> enables a full engagement on the process of the work itself just by having the audiences standing in front of the work. A junction of several points of the human body generates a layer of facet fabricated into the mesh. Mesh is clustered and placed on the infinite and dark space. Hence the personally identifiable digital data is generated, lost and abandoned in an abundant amount of cloud drive. This work attempts to visualize the trace of data that is remained without self-awareness.

Recorded time and movement in the 3D formation

The movement creates a polygon from several points of the human body and displays a form as a stack of layers accumulated on a time scale of which is gradually converted to a mesh when reached to a certain height. A hummock shaped volumetric data is rendered by using 3D printer.

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