Preset, 2018

Materials Acrylic Pipe, PLA, Rotary Encoder, MCU, Raspberry Pi 3, 2ch speaker
Exhibition The Perfect Generator, Media 338, 338 Cheonbyeonjwa-ro, Nam-gu, Gwangju, South Korea (2018. 10. 8. ~ 2018. 11. 3.)
The works of the <Preset> series are in a cylindrical shape and respond to the manipulation of the viewer. The envelope of sound changes when you turn it and it also makes a sound when you touch it. The sound emerges when someone ‘first’ operates it while the sound is determined by someone’s manipulation, or a ‘preset.’
The sounds the audience 1 and the audience 2 hear for the first time are different from one another, so they have different impressions. Therefore, based on the number of cases, someone’s manipulating parameter in turn creates another case, and the manipulation of one visitor affects the next viewer and enlarges the scope of the work.


As an advanced formation, <Preset> interacts with a further intuitive envelope of the sound

Preset, 2017

Materials Woods, Aluminum, Acrylic sheet, LED, MCU, Computer, 2ch speaker

Exhibition MILLENNIAL, GALLERY IANG, 146 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea (2017. 11. 29. ~ 2017. 12. 4.)

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