The Contour, 2018

Materials Acrylic Pipe, PLA Knob, Rotary Encoder, MCU, Projector, Computer

Exhibition The Perfect Generator, Media 338, 338 Cheonbyeonjwa-ro, Nam-gu, Gwangju, South Korea (2018. 10. 8. ~ 2018. 11. 3.)

Collaborator Hyerin Yun
<The Contour> creates an option based on coincidence and the audience builds up the terrain by simply stacking them. The viewers will invariably believe that they have created the desired topography with their own will, but even such an occurrence is nothing more than a choice of one of the options generated randomly. This work tries to break down the human superstition that they maintain superiority over information through the process of forming a specific shape with given-options which asks who is the true data provider and user in the days ahead.

a process sequence of <The Contour>
As seen from reCAPTHA, the Google-run internet bot detector, the human-based computation used to manage the human capacity outsourcing is profoundly infused into our lives. The users operating as a computer machine, the user—as data—carries out a dual role as a creator; an absolute standing of which the users with the traditional arithmetic once took has been stripped. This is visualized and shown with the process of simple games in <The Contour> and <The Contour II>.
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