The Contour II, 2018

Materials Aluminium, PCV foam boards, Rotary encoder, Projector,MCU, Computer

Exhibition UNESCO Media Arts Creative Cities Network Policy Forum 2018,Conference Hall, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea (2018. 11. 29.)

Collaborator Hyerin Yun

Concept Drawing
Through the generating process of depth,
computer authorization is precisely manifested

Connected to the earlier series <The Contour>, <The Contour II> creates the terrain through the process of stacking the choices made on the basis of coincidence. When the stacked choices reach the final stage, the 2D rectangles that the audience perceives are generated by the computer and interact with the audience in a new form.

The interface of  series intentionally restricts the user behavior. The interface of <The Contour> series intentionally restricts the user behavior

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